Review Policy


At the present time I am unable to review self-published books or works in progress, but I will happily consider other requests whether from authors or publishers. The vast majority of my reviews are arranged through Netgalley, where new publications, new translations or reissued classics always spark my interest. Please take a look at my blog to see the kinds of books I read: for example, I am far more likely to review an historical fiction novel rather than a cowboy romance. However, I reserve the right to decline if I feel that I am insufficiently familiar with the genre to give the book a fair review, if my work commitments will not allow me to post a review in a timely manner, or for any other reason. If I agree to review something, I will review it.

If I do review the book, it will be measured against the same standards as any other book I read, and I will be honest but fair in my assessment of it. That means that, if there are things I don’t like or feel are weak, I will say so; but on the other hand I will be equally frank about things that I think are very good.

Operas & Concerts

I am always delighted to hear about musical events in London (or nearby) and am flattered to be asked to review them. Please bear in mind, however, that my interests are very niche: if it’s Monteverdi, Mozart or anywhere inbetween, I’m your girl. Please also be aware that I’m not a musician and that my approach to operas, in particular, focuses much more on the drama, the libretto and the style of the music as opposed to detailed technical critique.

My primary interest is in vocal music, but I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing some fantastic concerts of Baroque instrumental music in the past, so I don’t rule anything out. On the other hand, my job is demanding and I can’t always accept review offers due to a clash of engagements. This doesn’t mean I am not interested, or wouldn’t have loved to be there. To date I have been invited to review performances for Bampton Classical Opera, Classical Opera, the Early Opera Company, Hampstead Garden Opera, Handel House, and St John’s Smith Square.