Helen of Troy

I picked this up in the HMV sale, because I’d never heard of it before; and it turns out there’s a good reason why I hadn’t.  Rufus Sewell is a suave and self-centred Agamemnon, and wins the palm on the acting stakes; Sienna Guillory is lively and girlish but just doesn’t seem right for Helen; Matthew Marsden is a well-sculpted but rather bland Paris; and everyone else seems to be trying hard, but just doesn’t quite get there.  Achilles and Hector exist only as two-dimensional plot devices and, in fact, their Achilles is possibly the worst piece of casting I’ve ever seen.  It clearly wants to be an epic, but as it was released in 2003 it was very soon (and rightly) overshadowed.  Please, save yourself the trouble.

Buy the film (if you really can’t be persuaded that it’s complete tosh)

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