3 thoughts on “Vivaldi: Ercole sul Termodonte

  1. Afonso says:

    I really don’t mind whether the singers (male and/or female) are stark naked on stage: the most important thing is their musical performance as opera singers. And as a matter of fact, when I first came to read the adventures and myths of the ancient Greek heroes/heroines and gods/goddesses, all the illustrations depicted in those books (meant to be for us young readers of the 1970s) were full of naked characters which never have bothered me. So, I don’t see any problems in this kind of stage presence…

    • The Idle Woman says:

      I don’t believe there are ‘problems’, as such, either (as you will have read in the post, the nudity was a surprise but really didn’t bother me by the end); and, as an art historian, I know exactly what you mean about the representation of gods and heroes in art. But I do think that it is still a very unusual choice in an operatic presentation and, by its very nature, distracting for some members of the audience. Productions here in London certainly don’t use full nudity very often and tend to be much talked about when they do (there was much excitement about the nude executioner in Covent Garden’s Salome, I remember). But that’s because we’re desperately repressed English people. 😉 So naturally for me this did take a bit of mental adjustment, but I actually admired the artistic vision, as I hope came across.

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