Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited (1965)


This is a 1965 LP from Bob Dylan. I have to say that there is little in his back catalogue that should be considered poor and there is much to be considered classic. He was of course the blue-eyed boy of the traditional folk scene and, long before he picked up an electric guitar in 1964 and changed folk music forever, he was an international star.

I will be offering you several of his best records over time but, for now, I’ve included Highway 61 Revisited, mainly because it was his first LP full of electric songs and it is never less than astonishing for its time. Best listened to, I would suggest, in a comfy chair with your feet up (after one of those long arduous days) with a deep glass of fine red wine close by.



2 thoughts on “Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited (1965)

  1. Lone Condottiero (@LoneCondottiero) says:

    I love this album! It’s the best album of Dylan in my opinion, and one of the few to which I often come back. I listened to it many times and in various ways. Ashamed to admit, I don’t know how it tastes with feet up and a glass of red wine. I must give it a try…

    • The Idle Woman says:

      Well, I must admit I never got round to listening to it with a glass of red wine either. But I’m sure Cliff’s right and that it makes the music even better!

      The other Dylan he recommended to me was Blonde on Blonde, which will shortly have a page of its own in the Rock School section, once I get the images sorted.

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