Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells (1973)


I get the impression that people either love this or ignore it completely. It is the album that (essentially single-handed) saved Richard Branson’s Virgin label from going bust and therefore paved the way for the massive brand that has its fingers in so many pies to this day.

An instrumental piece that spanned both sides of the LP back in the day, it sold in droves and parked itself in the charts for what seemed like aeons. Walking down the street that summer, you would hear it blaring out of countless open windows and, for this listener at least, such over exposure drove me bonkers! I sold my copy soon afterwards and hadn’t listened to it since I went in search of a copy for you.

I tried to find the original 1973 mix but ran out of time so you have the 2009 remaster here. To be honest it sounds pretty much the same as it did then, so you’ll get the general idea. The two additional tracks on the CD were not part of the original package.

Make of it what you will!


2 thoughts on “Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells (1973)

  1. Heloise Merlin says:

    I admit I frowned a bit when I saw this on the list of albums, but seeing how your uncle doesn’t seem to have been particularly enthusiastic about this album either, it once again confirms his excellent taste. 😉 I used to hate Michael Oldfield with a passion back in the day, and while that has cooled off somewhat (and I suppose I have somewhat mellowed with age) I still can’t say I’m particularly fond of his stuff.

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