Santana: Abraxas (1970)


Here I’ve enclosed the album where Latin rhythms shoved and muscled their way into the Rock mainstream. Latin influences had long been a feature of ‘easy listening’ and cabaret circles and had even carved their way into the higher realms of serious jazz, but here we are talking rock pure and simple. Abraxas is Santana’s second album and they took major rock festivals and venues by storm with this music.

This, like other San Francisco albums, does not have that stream of underlying unease that can be heard in the Doors’ and Love’s music. To me they seem fresher, more free-flowing and seem to echo the pioneer spirit of their patron city and its people.

Happy listening.


One thought on “Santana: Abraxas (1970)

  1. Heloise Merlin says:

    I never was particularly keen on Santana as something to listen to at home, but oh, the countless number of parties during my teenage years with “Samba Pa Ti” as the mandatory slow number with enuising close dancing. Ah, the memories… *sigh*

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