Franco Fagioli: Arias for Caffarelli (2013)

Franco Caffarelli

Listen to this for: an embarrassment of riches: Vinci, Porpora, Hasse and more

Moving on from spring water and honey, this is a little blast of champagne for the ears, as the Argentinian Fagioli shows off some glittering swagger-arias. Things get underway with Fra l’orror della tempesta from Hasse’s Siroe, with some splendid high notes. There’s more Vinci courtesy of the brilliant In braccio a mille furie from Semiramide riconosciuta, with which Fagioli predictably has a field day; but there are also some calmer pieces. My current favourite is Lieto così talvolta from Pergolese’s Adriano in Siria, with its gorgeous instrumental opening. The whole album has a delicious energy, perfectly suited to his playful verve as a singer. I’m very bad at concealing my enthusiasms, so it’s probably obvious that I’m completely in thrall to his voice. What I most enjoy is the sense of bubbling possibility: every aria teeters on the brink of a firework display. I’ve now seen him sing this programme live in London and Halle and he nevedisappoints.

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