Othello: William Shakespeare

Othello: Shakespeare


(directed by Rebekah Fortune, Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, until 8 February 2014)

Othello: because one dose of Jacobean treachery and murder per week just isn’t enough. In the aftermath of the Globe’s stunning Duchess of Malfi, I headed off to sample a spot of Shakespeare on the other side of town. Although I’ve lived in the area for more than three years, this was the first time I’d been to Riverside Studios and I feel suitably ashamed. But, when I spotted this new production of Othello advertised in the local paper, I just couldn’t resist. The 1940s film noir setting was a stroke of genius: the themes of ambition, corruption and sexual jealousy fit perfectly into that mould and it was such an ideal match that I’m surprised it hasn’t been done more frequently.