Era-defining albums


My uncle has been doing a stellar job of introducing me to some of the great albums that were around when he was a music journalist for his student paper back in the early ’70s.  We’ve already covered the late ’60s and we’ve currently got up to 1971, though I’m sure there have been a couple of chronological diversions here and there.  But this got me thinking.  Some of these tracks have the power to conjure up very vivid memories for my uncle and my parents of where they were and what they were doing when they listening to them.  And I found myself wondering which albums might have the same effect on me in twenty years time.  Below were some which sprang to mind.

I don’t make any claims for (most of) these as being albums which will stand the test of time, but I’m fond of them because they conjure up very particular memories.  I’m sure we all have certain albums that can almost magically transport us back into specific moments in our lives.  So these are some of mine – for better or worse… Click on the image to be taken to a dedicated page for that album, with the year and my memories about it.

4 thoughts on “Era-defining albums

  1. Catherine Lee says:

    (Completely unbiased of course) I absolutely agree with your inclusion of Savage Garden's more pop orientated Affirmation in your list. The song 'I Knew I Loved You' is an oldie but a goodie 😉 It is a shame that the group split up not long afterwards as it would have been interesting to see where their musical creativity took them next!

  2. The Idle Woman says:

    Well, we do know where Darren's creativity took him… I actually went to see him at the Colston Hall when he was doing his UK tour to promote his solo album. Unfortunately his solo stuff just didn't have the magic of Savage Garden – I think I'm right in saying that Daniel played quite a large role in actually writing their hits. Poor Darren. 🙂

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