The Idle Woman’s 1st Birthday

1st Birthday Cake

A short post just to celebrate the fact that the blog has been going for one year. I’ve had a great time doing this, especially in the last few months, as people have started to post comments and to email me directly. Special thanks to those who have shared their thoughts on the Lymond Chronicles and who have welcomed me into the Dunnett fold. I look forward to meeting some of you in person in November.

When I began writing this blog, a year ago, it was simply a way to keep a record of the films, plays and exhibitions I’d seen, and the books I’d read. One year on, people from all over the world have visited the blog (probably by accident, but I won’t hold it against them) and I’m now engaged in correspondences that wouldn’t have entered my wildest dreams in the summer of 2011.

Thank you all for reading this and, please, keep reading and keep commenting: tell me about books and films and plays that you think I’d like and let’s make sure that The Idle Woman never lives up to her name.

With love,


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