Merry Christmas!

Giotto: The Nativity

Christmas has appeared on my doorstep with almost unseemly haste this year. It’s been a frenetically busy autumn, so it’s with a sigh of relief that I sink into the sofa cushions, wriggle a little closer to the log fire, eye up the tree chocolates and raise my glass of sherry to all of you. The point of this post is to thank all of you for continuing to follow The Idle Woman, for reading, for commenting, and for making it such a joy to write. Wherever you are and however you’re spending the holidays, I wish you all happiness.

As I’ve said many times before, the best thing about blogging is that it has connected me to other people who share my enthusiasm for books, plays, operas, and other weird and wonderful things. To my fellow bloggers – Heloise, Dehggial, Isi and Helen – thank you for commenting here and covering so many fascinating things on your own blogs, which are partly to blame for my TBR pile being as vast as it is. It’s even better, of course, when friendships migrate offline, so big hugs are due to the London Branch of the Baroque Circle. You can be relied upon to provide exuberant, knowledgeable and often rather daft banter, as well as brilliant trips to Glyndebourne and the Wigmore. We’re making a triumphant return to Glyndebourne next year, and perhaps also venturing to Versailles, and I can’t wait to embark on those escapades with you. I’m also hoping for many more adventures with the lovely J, a recent migrant from online to real-world and a brilliant ray of sunshine in the bleak days of winter.

So here we stand, at the threshold to 2018. Let’s hope the world grows a little saner than it has been in recent months, and I wish you all the very happiest of New Years.

With love,


10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Kerstin says:

    Merry Christmas! I am notoriously bad at commenting, but have been reading and following your blog almost religiously, and my own TBR pile has been swelling as a consequence!

  2. RT says:

    Happy Christmas. Hope you have a good break! Have loved following your blog – after your enthusiastic review I am making my book group read Fredrick Backman next year. I’ll let you know how we get on! X

  3. dehggial says:

    All the best from me for the Christmas season, New Years 2018 and the next 12 months 🙂 If I ran into Franco again I’d thank him for meeting you and Baroque Bird and for all the lovely times/chats we’ve had in the past 3 years (which I hope to continue having for a long time to come).

  4. Holly Hill says:

    Great books, performances, friends, furry or featured companions, and happiness in 2018 to all. Thank you for being here. Love from Holly and from Moxie, my Cavalier King Charles puppy, in Dallas, Texas.

  5. baroquebird says:

    I’m trying to come up with some witty comment about being a permanent establishment but then I had this slight existential crisis about what/where the head office is. Occupational hazard, never mind me. So in the absence of anything vaguely sensible or intelligent to say, I shall simply say, “SQUEEEEE”, and bounce up and down and smile maniacally and send lots of hugs your way too for 2018 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more of your excellent blog in the coming year(s)!

    PS “triumphant return” – does this mean I can wear my crown and *those* trousers? xxx

  6. Heloise Merlin says:

    Okay, so I’m just the *cough* slighttest bit late, but just can’t have a Christmas post from you without a comment from me, even though I hardly count as a “fellow blogger” these days. Even though I’ve cursed you a few times last year when, just as I had finally managed to catch up on your posts, you’d post a dozen new ones in the space of just a few hours (that’s at least how it felt to me), your blog has been a constant source of delight and discovery in 2017 as in all the years before since I came across. I hope you had a quiet, enjoyable Christams and a good start into 2018 for which year I wish you all of the best! 🙂

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